Bring out the photog IN YOU

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Bring out the photographer IN YOU— This is for anyone who has or may have some self doubt about whether or not they are capable of creating beautiful works of art. I mean lets be honest for a second– Picking up a camera is not as easy as it sounds, too many times I’ve heard “oh being a photographer isn’t hard, all you’re doing is picking up a camera and taking a picture-ANYBODY can do that”. But can anybody really just do that ???? or “You want to be a photographer ??? I don’t see how, who wants to deal with you”. Sadly enough, I can remember clear as day the conversations to both comments above.

I say that to say this —Never let the negativity of others stop you from being great. The key to being great at something you love is to put your own spin on it and make it yours. You want to stand out among the rest. You want to surround yourself with people who will encourage you and make you better. If i spent my entire life listening to all the negative people who spoke ill towards me i wouldn’t have accomplished anything in life. You have to remember that this is YOUR LIFE and nobody else’s. The people who talk down towards you are offended by your hustle and drive to succeed. It’s OK to put your foot down and do whats best for you. This is where you will discover”true colors” and who your true friends / family are.

YESSSSS HUNNY i said family… not all family is here for you, not every member wants to see you doing good-eating good and sitting pretty. You will have some members who will fake smile in your face act like they support you then turn around and ask you for a favor FOR FREE ( red flag). SHOCKING >>I know…but this is the reality for some. You should never sugar coat what’s plain as day. It’s best to serve the truth raw and uncut because then it hurts less. I to had to learn this on my own and I knew at some point i had to changed my mindset – the people around me and my surrounding etc. I knew that it was necessary if i wanted to make a name FOR MYSELF.

If your just starting out with photography even as hobby and you find yourself feeling lost and frustrated- take a moment and remember why you love the hobby in the first place and why you decided to pick up a camera. Keep PRACTICING, i cant stress it enough when i say this because you won’t know your progress unless you keep trying. It’s all trial and error. Pictures are not meant to be perfect, they are meant to have flaws because that’s what makes them unique. Take your time .. read blogs, watch YouTube tutorials – but most importantly keep ALL OF YOUR WORK and in a year go back and compare. I bet you will amaze yourself at how far you’ve come (don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back).

Side Note* Don’t be afraid to ask for a CC (in photog terms constructive criticism) Some of my best work came from the perspective of other photographers.

At the end of the day it’s important for us as photographers/photo-enthusiast/hobbyist to stay true to ourselves- to stay confident within ourselves and to keep striving regardless of the naysayers. You know the purpose of this blog is to block out any doubt that you may have within yourself . Its to give you that little push that everyone needs at times and to speak some real reality into your ears. Sometimes you just need someone to validate all the things you’ve been trying to validate for yourself. The only difference is sometimes we comprehend it better when it comes from someone else’s perspective. You’ve got exactly what it takes to be great- never expect less from yourself and most importantly don’t listen to the Debbie downers THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEIR TALKING ABOUT. And if you’re ever in doubt ask your fellow photogs to lend an ear. We all take our turns listening, giving advice and guiding because TRUST ME when i say WE CAN ALL RELATE. We are a different type of family with the same goal in mind blended together.

I bet by now you feel a little better ( at least I hope so ). Now is the time to pick up that camera, go out and give it all you can. If you were inspired by this blog post-hashtag your Instagram with #NoelleCoPhoto and let me see your inspiration. Good Luck photogs …remember NEVER STOP -KEEP HUSTLING

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